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At MGI Alekim LLP,  we strive to have dedicated, committed, and well-trained staff to meet the growing needs of our clients. Our professionally inspiring and learning environment enable staff to grow their maximum capabilities and enrich their skills for their benefit, those of clients and of the firm. We constantly endeavor to invest in new technologies and acquire new skills and knowledge to enables us to help clients’ build value.

The security and reputation of the network’s global quality assurance (QA) systems are innovative and efficient and benefit many members, particularly in developing countries.  While we do not have the resources of the very biggest firms, with their globe-trotting QA departments, we leverage member expertise and technology to focus QA review and remediation where it is most needed.

The Networks QA system is based on the international quality standard ISQC1. Every year, firms report through responsive, multilingual, online systems on their compliance with our standards. The systems give immediate feedback for items that need improvement and remediation.

MGI Worldwide  and by extension MGI Alekim LLP is a full member of the prestigious Forum of Firms, an association of some 30 international accounting networks, including the Big 4 firms. The membership acceptance process included a year-long, detailed evaluation of our QA systems and demonstrates its members commitment to international quality standards.


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