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Anne, a member  of the Institute of Human Resource Management (IHRM) is  a holder   of   a   diploma    in   Business   Administration   and    Human   Resource Management  currently  pursing  Bachelor  of  Management  and   Leadership from   Management   University   of   Africa.   She   brings   on   board    a   wide experience  in  her field  spanning  over  15  years.  She  has worked   in  various organizations, rising from the position of a secretary to Admin/Human resource manager and currently general manager.

Attracting  and  retaining  the  right  personnel  is   every  organization’s indispensable intention. Anne  seeks to  maintain  human  resource relations by narrowing our scope to the best skills,  knowledge, and  attributes to ensure we secure and retain the very best.

She  integrates  a   high-performance  culture   in   her  environment  by  ensuring   highly  motivated personnel and  conducive work environment. She optimizes our growth  by pursuing potential business leads and  keeping  a constant tap  on our clients.