Evelyn Kayume - Mgi Alekim LLP
Evelyne Kayume

CPA  Evelyne is a  Certified   Public  Accountant of  Kenya  (CPA-K)  and a member of the  Institute of Certified  Public  Accountants of Kenya  (ICPAK). She holds a Bachelor of Business Management degree from Moi University. Evelyne got her initial training from a  well-established audit firm  Russell Bedford  Alexander &  Associates  (formerly called   Ashwin  Brothers)  where she worked to a level of audit senior by the time she left.  Evelyne joined us in 2016 and has worked her way up quickly.

CPA  Evelyne is the technical partner,  a  director of  Taxplan  Consulting Limited, registered on  14 August 2003 and, Partner in Batian Registrars LLP (CSs), registered on 20 August 2007.

Evelyne’s strong business skills, coupled with her knowledge of various accounting concepts,   makes her a   formidable part of any project. Perhaps,  her greatest strength is her level of organization and planning with a  logical mind combined with a  practical approach to problem-solving and a drive to see things through to completion.

As a technical partner, her main role includes that of overseeing all audit engagements to ensure quality is maintained and all audit assignments are compliant with International  Standards on Auditing    (ISA)   and   International   Financial   Reporting  Standards   (IFRS)    requirements.  


She has managed various audits ranging from statutory audits,  forensic investigations/audits,  inventory audits, project and special purpose audits, across various entities; commercial, manufacturing, construction, distribution, hospitality, commission agents, health facilities, learning institutions, real estate,  professional firms, faith-based and  Non-Governmental Organizations  (NGOs)  among others.

She aspires to continue bringing excellence and flavour to different businesses and institutions; drawing from the accuracy and telling nature of numbers while guiding and informing the strategy to drive them.

On 25 October 2019,  CPA Evelyne  Kayume  Julius attended a truly unique desert safari and dinner at the   Dubai  Desert  Conservation   Reserve,  which brought together more than a   hundred delegates from firms all over the  MGI Worldwide international accounting network, of which MGI Alekim  LLP   is proud to be a  member.   It is at this event that  CPA Evelyne was awarded The MGI Worldwide 2019 professional staff of the year.

It gives MGI Alekim  LLP great pleasure not only to have been nominated for this prestigious award but to have walked away as winners and been recognised across the globe as a top-quality firm.