Our Services


Internal Audit


We provide pertinent independent appraisal of internal control and recommend changes where necessary. We develop procedures suitable for smooth operations of various functions of the firm, to review and recommend an effective financial control for implementation, we carry out investigation to identify waste and inefficiencies and also advise on deterrent measures, we assisting management in providing leadership, coaching and monitoring the operations as well as: –

  1. Identify and report noncompliance to company policies and procedures,
  2. Undertake special assignments and/or investigations as requested by management
  3. To liaise with external auditors, ensure timely responses to their concerns,
  4. To ensure external audit is cost effectively undertaken,
  5. Monitoring expenses against budgets and preparing variance analysis reports
  6. Identify major business risks, analyse them and make recommendations,
  7. To review and report on the accuracy, timeliness and relevance of financial and other reports
  8. Recommending financial discipline via strict cost controls, sensitization and resource allocation
  9. Enhancing accountability and transparency in the organization.