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Annual tax compliance

Keeping you compliant

Tax compliance services involve handling regular tax compliance and reporting on behalf of our clients.  They include the following: –

  1. Reviewing annual financial statements for tax issues during the course of the audit.
  2. Preparing income tax computations.
  3. Advising on the tax position.
  4. Preparing and submitting annual tax returns
  5. Computing and advising on the annual income tax instalment payments.
  6. Representing clients in Revenue Authority tax audits and administrative hearings.
  7. Assisting our clients in dealing with the Revenue Authority with regard to complicated and time-consuming issues that might arise from tax audits.
  8. Helping our clients to comply with the local tax laws to keep abreast with all the changes therein.
  9. Negotiating and mediating for clients on all tax issues with the tax authorities.
  10. Advising clients on tax efficient structuring of their businesses.
  11. Handling estimated assessment objections and attending tax tribunal hearings
  12. Provide clients with compliance assistance in meeting all Governmental regulations for income, Value Added Tax (VAT), payroll and excise taxes.
  13. Filing of annual self-assessment tax returns for businesses and individuals
  14. Securing registration for Sole proprietorships, PIN, PAYE, VAT, NSSF and NHIF.
  15. Handling all general tax matters with Domestic Tax Department
  16. Providing clients with regular updates on changes in tax law and their impact on business firms, non-business organizations, and individuals.


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